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Displaying some of this module's experim

I am currently conducting research towards my Master's degree in Disruptive Design at Plymouth College of Art (2018-2019). Through this research project, I am looking to disrupt the common perception of handbags as mere items used for carrying our belongings. My research explores the ways in which handbags both contain and reflect different aspects of user identity, and how they can be seen as our loyal companions, secret keepers and most of all; windows into our public and private-identities. As designed objects, handbags can be seen as the culmination of different intertwined identities; from the designers, to the makers behind the product, often hidden from the public eye to the consumers. How do all of these different stories and identities influence our perceptions and what could be the truth behind the closed doors of accessory mass-production and the lives of the makers who assemble our beloved handbags?


You can follow the progress of the research project on my Instagram-account:

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